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‘I was very well impressed since the beginning by the friendly yet professional treatment and advise received at RT Coopers which instantly reassured me, making me feel solidly backed up throughout a delicate and stressful process of negotiation with an uncertain outcome. The support I received from RT Coopers helped me feel stronger and more confident and this made all the difference in turning the situation around which resulted in an arrangement which was advantageous for both parties. I would definitely recommend RT Coopers to friends, family and business partners.’AB



‘RT Coopers was excellent in turning a difficult situation into a pleasant one, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome the firm made happen.’ DK


‘Having been a client for nearly 2 years I can sum up my experience in few words: The employment team was  consistently efficient, thorough and friendly. I was not made to feel I was only a name with a file number. I was under a lot of stress when I became a client of RT Coopers and the genuine caring alongside fast efficient and clear guidance  made a lot of difference. I can honestly say I find myself very lucky to find this firm. My sincere thanks to RT Coopers.’ AC


‘Thank you for your support, professionalism and encouragement throughout the last year especially during the lead up to my Employment Tribunal hearing. I can state categorically that without having you there along the way, with constant and consistent guidance and positive attitude I may never have got that far at all. I would have no hesitation in giving my recommendation of RT Coopers’ services. Once again – thank you’ JH


‘RT Coopers were recommended to me and despite a late night enquiry they called me back the following morning to assist.  The advice was specific to my situation and it was clear that they knew what they were talking about.  I received an immediate response from my enquiry and I felt no obligation to commit to RT Coopers at that point.  Whilst there was follow up contact none of this was pushy and I valued this approach.  The meeting was very productive and allowed me to meet the required deadlines provided.  They were efficient, responsive and approachable.  RT Coopers are a friendly and professional firm which I would be happy to recommend.’ CH


‘I was particularly happy with the professionalism and personable engagement, whilst they had a clear understanding of my needs.  The impact of the agreement was well grasped and explained and I now feel well advised.  Thank you for your positive approach.’  JE


‘I first communicated with RT Coopers via email and found them very efficient. The staff where all professional, committed, trusted and excellent in customer service.  From my initial email to the Firm until the conclusion of my matter I was impressed with the way their solicitors handled my case, my calls and the way in which I was advised.  I was given first class advice and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all at RT Coopers for their patience and professionalism. I will definitely recommend RT Coopers to my family, friends and colleagues.’ DM


‘I found RT Coopers very approachable and responsive. I took advice on voluntary redundancy and the advice received was very detailed and answered all my queries, clarifying any areas where I was uncertain. My instructions were processed extremely efficiently and I would be happy to recommend RT Coopers to others.’ OT


‘I contacted RT Coopers regarding a remarkably stressful situation at my previous firm that would all but certainly force me to leave. As a foreign citizen with little exposure to UK law, the situation was doubly intimidating. The advice was exactly what I needed – highly knowledgeable, patient, and always readily available when I needed help. Thanks to RT Coopers, I was able to negotiate effectively with my employer and bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion’ WM


‘I received a compromise agreement and contacted RT Coopers for advice on the terms having searched online. The employment lawyer who advised me was extremely helpful in talking me through it and advising me on going forward. He was in contact regularly to update me on any progress. RT Coopers had a clear understanding of the situation I was faced with and the strategy to take it forward to a desired conclusion.’ HG


‘RT Coopers have their clients in mind at all times providing a quick, friendly and professional service. I would be happy to recommend and use the firm again should the need arise. As a result of a web search regarding compromise agreements RT Coopers came out top and I made an initial web enquiry at about 10pm. I was pleased to note I had a response waiting for me the following morning and even more so to note that it was sent at 4am! This attention to clients was above and beyond what I had expected. I received a quick and fast service which I required given my circumstances. As a result I managed to conclude my matter within 3 working days and as a consequence met an important deadline.’ SP


‘The team at RT Coopers made me feel both welcome and assured that my case would be dealt with competently from the moment I walked into their offices. RT Coopers are very knowledgeable and dealt with my case with the greatest attention and care, respecting my wishes and exceeding my expectations at all times. The advice and attention to detail in RT Coopers work was second to none. Thank you to all the team at RT Coopers for all the support you provided me during this difficult period, it’s just what I needed.’ HS


‘I came across RT Coopers by chance following a search on the internet for lawyers’ specialising in compromise agreements. Every person I spoke to at the firm was professional and yet friendly and I was left with a very positive impression/feeling about the firm. I was particularly happy that the firm clearly explained what I needed to do on my own and what they could do very clearly and were very transparent in terms of legal costs. They helped me prepare and handle the negotiations with my employer on my own (saving me costs) without me feeling like I was doing it on my own. They were on hand to answer my questions before; during and after the negotiations, all before I had paid them a penny. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone looking for legal advice. They are certainly good value for money. Special praise to Tunde whom I dealt with the most, he was truly magnificent. Thanks again’EK


‘I found RT Coopers to be very professional, committed, trusted and excellent in customer service. From my initial call to the Firm until the conclusion of my matter I was impressed with the way their solicitors handled my case, my calls and the way in which I was advised. I was given first class advice and will definitely recommend RT Coopers to my family, friends and colleagues. I am extremely satisfied.’ SY


‘I wish to register my gratitude to you for the excellent legal advice you gave me in preparing an appeal to my final written warning. It should go without saying that this communication from the senior management of my employer caused me a great deal of stress. I must say, however, that your thorough and highly professional approach in our meeting, carefully sifting through the relevant facts and pointing out the pertinent rights and responsibilities of employer and employee, right through to the carefully worded draft of the written appeal – greatly assisted in allaying my anxieties. The final result, the rescinding of the final written warning, replaced by a second written warning, is indeed a highly satisfactory outcome. For this I once again wish to state my great appreciation for your astute and positive approach to my issues. I therefore unreservedly recommend yourself and by extension RT Coopers Solicitors to anyone with any employment law issues.’ JS


‘RT Coopers is a professional, friendly, client focused and genuine firm. When I was faced with the prospect of redundancy I knew I required legal advice and fast. I started ringing around solicitors and found that not many were flexible with their timing i.e would not see clients after 6pm and also many were reluctant to listen to my situation on the phone. When I spoke with RT Coopers I was very impressed with the service, their willingness to be flexible with timings of meetings in order for me to arrange an appointment after working hours, and they were very helpful over the phone. During my meeting I found the service offered to be not only very professional but also very friendly and approachable. During my meeting the terms of my compromise agreement were explained in a very clear and concise manner which benefitted me going forward. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and family and also use your services for any future situations.’ ZY


‘Thank you for your advice on the compromise agreement. I am very impressed by your patience and professionalism, which made it very easy. Since my first call to the Firm, I could already sense a genuine interest in your clients. I have not been disappointed. I am delighted to have contacted your offices, and am glad I made the right choice.’ FM


‘Thank you for your employment law advice!  The advice was great.’ MH


‘Thank you for representing me with my Compromise Agreement. I was very pleased with the service I received. I could have gone through my union solicitor, but I didn’t find them very forthcoming, which is why I searched the internet. Immediately upon speaking to RT Coopers, I was impressed with the speed of information via the phone and email.’ BY


‘The service I received from RT Coopers in relation to employment law was very good, relevant to my case and very helpful. I am definitely happy with the service and will definitely recommend them.’ MN


‘I have received the appropriate advice in relation to employment law and I am happy with the information received.’ AP


‘I am happy with the service I received from RT Coopers. I particularly valued the prompt answers I received to my queries and the fair billing practices of the firm.’ JS

‘I would like to write a general review about my feelings towards RT Coopers as a firm and the solicitor that worked with me on my case. Back in December 08, when I was deliberating whether to take my previous employer to an employment tribunal or not, I telephoned around 10 solicitors to ascertain their initial take on the case but more importantly to find someone that I wanted to work with, put my trust in and who would win me my case. Out of all of the solicitors I spoke to, Mr Oyedele was by far the most informative and certainly the kindest over the telephone. His communication was excellent, e-mailing me on several occasions and phoning me a couple of months after I had decided to go it alone just to see how it was going. I decided to progress the case myself after the initial advice I received from My Oyedele. Two days before exchange of documents I received a sternly written letter from the respondent’s solicitors and Mr Oyedele was the first and only solicitor that I called and his service was exactly what I expected having spoken to him over the phone. He moved time around in his diary to see me the very next day for an emergency meeting to discuss the recent events and response. Over the next week as the hearing date approached I spoke to him every day on the phone for varying amounts of time. If he was unavailable because he was dealing with other clients he would always call me back within good time or drop me an e-mail or a quick call to let me know when he would call me. At no point during that very busy, extremely stressful week did I feel that I had to chase him at all. He gave me good advice which I took and answered all my questions concisely and simply. I felt very at ease with him and felt I could ask him the same thing over and over again if I did not understand. During the build up to the hearing the other side employed some really foul play and I must say that I was un-seated by it. As important as his legal advice, was his pastoral element for lack of a better phrase which was exceptional in cancelling out the way the respondent’s actions made me feel and think and he got me re-focused on the task at hand. During the build up to the hearing, just knowing that there was someone at the other end of the phone to say ‘it will be fine’ was very important given my level of stress and anxiety at the time. I hope to not need an employment solicitor for the remainder of my working life for obvious reasons but if I do, he’ll be the only one that I call. In the meantime I’ll take him out for a drink to say thanks. I am extremely happy with RT Coopers as a firm and feel very loyal to them as due to the volume of calls I made to the firm I’m pretty sure that I spoke to most of the employment team there and they all remembered me and were all very pleasant, reassuring and helpful.’ JF



‘Last year I went through a lengthy redundancy process. Towards the final stages of this process I was given a list of contacts for a compromise lawyer. From this list I chose RT Coopers. I was very pleased that I chose this law firm as the team’s welcoming and friendly manner put me at ease during a most stressful and difficult period. Apart from dealing efficiently and professionally with my compromise agreement we also discussed my skills and future plans – Rosanna was enthusiastic and encouraging in my future ambitions – she was keen to listen and offer advice on the marketing side  of my venture. I would like to add that Rosanna’s professionalism was second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending the firm.’ SS



‘RT Coopers are a firm of solicitors who actually listens to your problem and has the ability to take this forward through the negotiation process in a structured manner. I found that in my case the solicitor appointed was more than capable of understanding a complex and testing situation and was able to negotiate a settlement on my behalf well in excess of what was originally offered. I would without hesitation recommend RT Coopers to anyone in similar circumstances.’ WS


I had to secure an alternative legal firm at short notice, but did not know whom to approach in relation to my compromise agreement. After searching online my first and only instinct was to approach R T Coopers and, what a gem they turned out to be. I knew when I spoke with Rosanna Cooper that I was in safe hands. I called the Firm on a Wednesday and made an appointment with Rosanna for the following day to discuss the Agreement and, even though an additional clause needed to be added, all parties signed off on the Friday. R T Coopers is a Firm I would have no hesitation in recommending. They are professional with an unselfish approach – so unlike many solicitors. I was always kept in the loop, was very well advised and I am highly satisfied with the service received. Thank you Rosanna, a solicitor with a heart, so rare.‘ AC


‘I have been greatly impressed by the assistance I have received from the team at RT Coopers with regards to my employment law enquiry. In particular, I have valued the quick and effective responses to my concerns and queries and the genuine concern for my best interests that has been displayed. On the basis of my experience, I would recommend RT Coopers without hesitation.’  JC


‘This is just a quick note to thank you so much for all your help guidance and support during my redundancy. I want to say a big thank you. You were so professional and patient and I will definitely recommend you to anyone unfortunate enough to be in the same situation, you make it much easier.’ NM


‘I attended RT Coopers for advice on an employment matter. The consultation was exactly what I needed, and the firm and its premises were new, fresh, and not at all stuffy like some law firms can be! I only visited the once for a consultation but I was able to renegotiate aspects of the contract that my company had given me which I wouldn’t have known about had I not made the visit. I valued the fact that I could go through everything step by step with the solicitor who advised me, who knew his stuff and was very patient! I would certainly recommend RT Coopers to anybody requiring employment law advice.’ AM


Many thanks for taking the time today and your excellent advice. I am very pleased with your handling of my settlement and your professional attitude!J.D

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