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October 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Choosing an Independent Legal Advisor to provide Advice on the Terms of your Compromise Agreement, Compromise Agreement Solicitor, Compromise Agreement Solicitors, Compromise Agreements, Employment Lawyers, Employment Solicitors, Grievance, Independent Legal Advice, Legal Fees, Necessity for Legal Advice on the Terms of Your Compromise Agreement, Negotiating a Settlement, Offer from your employer, Payment Terms, Redundancies, Redundancy, Redundancy law, Redundancy Pay, Termination of Employment, Termination Payment

Where an employee has accepted a compromise agreement instead of going through a disciplinary procedure, we have found that employers are less accommodating on certain points of the offer. It is down to hard negotiations and whether the employee really wants to incur such costs for negotiations. In saying that, however, there are key points […]

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