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Warranties in Compromise Agreements Cont’d

May 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Compromise Agreements, Contract of Employment, Dismissal Before the Termination Date, Entitlement to Untaken Accrued Holidays, Keeping the Terms of your Compromise Agreement Confidential, No Entitlement to Compensation, Post Termination Restrictions after Signing a Compromise Agreement, Signing Compromise Agreements, Termination Date, Termination of Employment, Warranties, Your Compromise Agreement is a Binding Contract

We are continuing with our discussion on warranties in compromise agreements. Our previous entries explain a number of warranties that you will have to give to your employer. One of the key warranties is that:You have received independent legal advice on all and any claims that you might be able to bring against your Employer in the Employer Tribunal and the High Court/County Court in respect of your employment and termination of employment.You further warrant you have reviewed such claims with the Independent Adviser and been advised upon the possibility of pursuing such claims and you waive your rights to pursue such claims, including but not limited to any claim for:

  • Any personal injury claim resulting from the Employee’s employment with the MRC of which he was aware as at the date of this agreement;
  • Failure to provide written reasons for dismissal.

More regulations in the next blog entry.


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