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Employment Lawyers London – Expenses Compromise Agreements

November 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments · About Compromise Agreement Blog, Completion Date of your Compromise Agreement, Compromise Agreement Solicitor, Compromise Agreement Solicitors, Compromise Agreements, Contract of Employment, Expenses, Redundancy, Return of Company Property after Signing a Compromise Agreement, Signing Compromise Agreements, Your Compromise Agreement is a Binding Contract

It is worth mentioning again that if you are an employee and you have been asked to sign a compromise agreement, you should submit your final expenses claim (form) to your employer within a specificed time (usually this time period is set out in your contract of employment). This is usually within five days of completion and approval of these expenses. Expenses are usually paid by the employer in the normal way. Employers will usually reimburse an employee for any expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in the proper performance of an employee’s duties on production of the appropriate receipts and in accordance with the employer’s expenses policy. 


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