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It is important to note that a contract of employment must include at the least the statutory minimum notice period.  Where an employment contract contains a notice period that is less than the statutory notice period, this clause would be void.  The current statutory minimum notice periods are as follows: 

  • One week if the employee’s period of continuous employment is between one month and two years;
  • One additional week for each full year of continuous employment between two and 12 years;
  • 12 weeks if the period of continuous employment is 12 years or more.

 The statutory minimum notice period can be lengthened by contract, but cannot be shortened.

 Employers often reserve the right to pay an employee in lieu of giving notice (payment in lieu of notice or P.I.L.O.N) and must adhere to at least the statutory minimum notice if a longer notice period is not provided in the contract of employment.   

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