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Breach of Confidential Information – Compromise Agreements

August 29th, 2009 · 24 Comments · About Compromise Agreement Blog, Breach of Confidential Information, Compromise Agreements, Confidentiality Provisions in a Compromise Agreements, Contract of Employment, Keeping the Terms of your Compromise Agreement Confidential

We have addressed the topic of confidentiality many times before. We are still finding that both employers and employees are at risk of breaching the confidentiality provisions in compromise agreements.  For employers it is usually in relation to references.  For employees they sometimes do not know what they are allowed to disclose to their new employers or to use in their new business ventures. Surely, as an employee you are more likely to use in your new business what you know best – but how did you obtain this information?  We see employees trying to set up very similar websites to their past employers, your employmnent contract may not allow this.

You should be aware of the risk of breach of confidential information.


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